Think about one of your favorite books. Chances are, it gave you a hero worth celebrating or an ending that made you feel happy. But the reality is that our real world isn't full of heroes and smiles. Every third person you meet is battling mental health issues or succumbing to the monsters that live in their head. In many ways, our reality is dystopic. It is an ugly world. And the stories of the people enduring this world are Ugly Tales™.

Ugly Tales represent a new breed of disturbing psychological fiction books and adult fiction dramas. Even though they don't always conform to every rule of these genres, these stories borrow elements of psychological fiction, psychological horror, and urban fiction.

Fair warning: The stories we publish can be distressing, sometimes gritty, and almost always un-pretty. There are no heroes and you will seldom find sunshine and rainbows. These are stories about emotionally disturbed and dysfunctional people. These people may exist in various settings; in a noir, within the realms of a family drama, or even in the midst of a complicated romantic relationship.


Ugly Tales try to explore the depths of the depravities and the derangement of the human mind. If you are willing to peep into darkness like that, Join the Tribe.

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About Ugly Tales

Hi, I am DK, the founder and creator of Ugly Tales.

Writing started as a personal hobby for me but it soon became a big part of who I am as a person. While I endured my full-time jobs in corporate learning experience design and leadership development, I kept attempting to create side gigs in creative writing.


Between 2012-2015, I ran a satirical blog called 'God of Absurdity'. During this time, I started being plagued by some mental health issues and my writing style and themes of interest both went through a drastic transformation. Around 2016, I shut down God of Absurdity and started writing about disturbed, emotionally unstable people. A few years later, I published my first novella - Based on Lies. In the last couple of years, I have focused on learning the craft of publishing for a niche audience. And who'd have thunk it, I found an audience that is as intrigued about the stories of dysfunctional people as I am.

I believe that if I have invited an audience, I have a responsibility to entertain them to the best of my ability. And thus, Ugly Tales was born - a one-stop-shop for disturbing psychological fiction books. We publish original novellas and short stories as well as blog articles related to our kind of books!  You can find Ugly Tales originals on Amazon and some other online book retailers, but we are constantly looking to improve the experience we deliver to you. So, don't forget to join the tribe and get notified about cool new updates.


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