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  • Debarshi Kanjilal

SuperBu: Homecoming

The emotion story of a dysfunctional family and their dog

Part memoir, part fiction, part fantasy, SuperBu is a series of three novellas that will document the story of a dysfunctional Indian family and the little brown dachshund that they brought home from a puppy mill – Bully.

Ajay Bera has spent nineteen years of his life trying to convince his mother to let him get a dog, and despite flunking his first year of college and barely surviving in a toxic family environment, he has finally worn her down. Barnali, Ajay’s mother, has begrudgingly and resentfully greenlighted the entry of a four-legged friend into their house. However, the family has no clue that the life of the puppy they are bringing home is hanging by a thread. And a family preoccupied with their hatred for each other is not likely to do any favors to the puppy’s chances of survival.

Will anyone in the Bera family be able to rise above their hate and find the love needed to heal Bully?

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Here's what some readers felt about it:

SuperBu Homecoming, is an emotional story about a dysfunctional Indian family who seeks unification from the shared love of a little bundle of joy. What results is a plot that is more like a rollercoaster of emotions and drama. - Readers' Favorite​
After reading the first few pages, I knew this book wasn’t just going to be an emotional story about a dog. It was also going to be about that dog’s family. - Traveling Through Words
How the family fights. So real. They blame one another whenever the pet relieves itself in the house when it is not supposed to, so true. - Amazon Reader
Not your usual cute but unreal fairytale. This is about a tough little dachshund puppy who wins the hearts of this slightly dysfunctional Indian family. - Amazon Reader

Want to get a little feeler for what to expect from this novella? Join the tribe to read the first two chapters of SuperBu: Homecoming here for free.

If you do want to keep reading, pick up your copy of SuperBu: Homecoming now!


Also, if you want to find out what happens to Bully after the Homecoming, follow Ugly Tales on Amazon and pre-order the SuperBu: Becoming today.


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