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  • Debarshi Kanjilal

The World We Live In: A Pseudo-Dystopian Short Story

Our world is not perfect. Not even close. And for some of us, it is even more imperfect than others. We are all frustrated about the hatred that has consumed us. And that frustration leads to even greater hatred.

But when one man living a lonely life in a lonely apartment in a lonely city cannot take the hatred anymore, what are his options?

This is a story of the world we live in. A 15-minute short story that tries to hold a mirror to society while also putting the spotlight on the plight of the individual bystander.

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Ugly Tales represent a new breed of disturbing psychological fiction stories. Even though they don't always conform to every rule of these genres, these stories borrow elements of psychological fiction, psychological horror, and urban fiction.

The stories we publish can be distressing, sometimes gritty, and almost always un-pretty. There are no heroes and you will seldom find sunshine and rainbows.

These are stories about emotionally disturbed and dysfunctional people. Ugly Tales try to explore the depths of the depravities and the derangement of the human mind. If you are willing to explore peep into that darkness, start reading.


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