10 Unforgettable Crime Thriller Books of the 21st Century

Reading crime thriller books be like...

From nail-biting suspense thrillers to gripping crime drama, the last few years have been fantastic for readers of crime thriller books. Detectives, spies, serial killers, drama, this genre is packed with everything.

So, if you love to read about cold-blooded murder and are allured by page-turning plot-twists and spine-chilling mystery, you cannot ignore this list of top crime thriller books of the 21st century that will leave you in awe.

Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead

Sara Gran (2011)

Sara Gran’s first book of the Claire DeWitt series, Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead, is an exhilarating, mysterious adventure filled with humor, an exciting plot, and a brilliant backstory. In the book, Claire is a self-proclaimed “world’s greatest detective” who learned detection from Jacques Silette’s mysterious handbook, went to New Orleans to solve a murder case.

Sara Gran’s most significant achievement in the book is that she helps us look through the horror of the post-Katrina world. And better understand its children, slowly becoming perpetrators. Gran did a great job of knitting several compelling mystery stories into one novel. With a sharp and engaging voice, she manages to hook the reader and take them into the dark world of DeWitt.

Ugly Score: 84%

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn (2012)

Gillian Flynn, one of the most successful thriller writers of our time, brings the reader in a dark place with her razor-sharp writing in the unputdownable masterpiece, Gone Girl.

The story starts on the morning of Nick and Amy’s wedding anniversary, where Nick’s gorgeous wife Amy mysteriously disappears from their home. Under enormous pressure from police and media, Nick starts to show suspicious behavior. But is he the killer? Is Amy dead? You have to read the book to find out.

Gone Girl was able to successfully capture the female rage and helped to re-popularize female-driven crime thrillers. We, briefly, even considered adding it to our romantic suspense thrillers reading list.

However, this book a bit of a slow burner. It takes time to build up Nick and Amy’s marriage and their secrets. That is why the first half of the book may feel a tad slow to some. Other than that, Gone Girl is a nerve-fraying thriller that puzzles you at every turn.

Ugly Score: 93%