Top 11 Tips to Choose the Next Book You Read?

Congratulations! You have ticked off another book from your reading list. There's always a lull after finishing a good book, especially if the book you finished delivered a powerful message.

However, there comes a time when you find yourself staring at your bookshelf or scrolling through Kindle, having only one question in mind.

"Which book should I read next??"

This is especially true in our times when access to millions of books is one click away from you and making a choice is the more difficult than ever. To help you, here is a guide on how you choose your next favorite book

Word of mouth from friends and family

Take recommendations from family and friends. Especially if you know, they are into books as much as you are. One of my closest friends recently recommended The Silent Patient to me because she knew that was simply my kind of book.

Your friends and family know your personality and will understand your likes and dislikes. They will have a general idea of what you will want to read.

Also, the advantage of asking friends and family is that you can come across amazing books which you have never heard before and they can even lend you the book for free. Win-Win!

And if more than one person you trust recommends a book, go for it. It ought to be good.

Find your taste

What is your genre? Fiction? Horror? Sci-Fi?

Do you love a book that gets on your nerve or like a book offers a little slapstick comedy?

Who is your favorite author? What do you like about his/ her books?

Ask yourself these questions.